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| 9 marzo, 2014

The Elementary Signal Engine Concert

Tomorrow at 20.00 at the Principal Theatre of Valencia Spain we will perform the first live ESE concert as part of the well known “Nits d’Aielo i Art” festival. We play straight after Nicolas Collin’s (Hardware hacking guru) keynote. Our piece will consist of two ESE’s using a combination of the “Overtone Singing” presets you know well. Josue Moreno (one of Spain’s most prominent young electro-acoustic composers) and I will take the opening song from the film “The Quest for Tannu Tuva” about the physicist Richard Feynman’s tragic quest to go to Tuva to hear Xhoomei singers. We disintegrate and recompose the original material in real-time using the ESE. Our set takes the audience through surrealist siberian landscapes in which the voice, fire, fauna and water co-exist in one sonoric state. We’re going to video it and will share accordingly. Anyone nearby please come and see this intro.,-

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