Líquida v 1.4a

| 16 octubre, 2013

Líquida v 1.4a

Idea, Concept and realization:
artistic group: if… then…

The members of this group study formed spontaneously around a beer at the end of a hard day’s work
at the University of Castilla la Mancha. Gradually in a short time the idea took shape to start realizing
what is ‘if ..then …’

The members of the group, Joaquin R. Diaz, Sylvia Molina, Julio Sanz and Javier Osona, propose a
multidisciplinary, from Sound Art Interactive Art and Electronic Arts to reflect on the great achievements
of our time tissues around a backbone of world technology.

The ‘Liquid v1.4a’ is a facility that allows us to capture the processes based on the viewer’s presence.
The viewer observes a process, a non-lineal guidelines that another viewer generate simultaneously at
the other side of space. Two space come together thanks to the technology. The actuator’s shadow
is present at the same time in the same space. It generates a dialogue between the different spaces.
This is the mock play of the ‘real’.

The processes are not static and suggests the multiplicity of possibilities. The work moves between
mathematical structures and poetry derived signic patterned on a ‘score of behaviors’ that the viewer
has to interpret acting.

This project exists at the time of the execution, not earlier than later, so that´s why this piece exists.
The machine needs to run in a way that express interactivity. An invisible device produced by the
presence of the viewer.

Artistic Group ‘If…then’ is formed:

Joaquín Díaz (Mexico)
Sylvia Molina (Spain)
Javier Osona (Spain)
Julio Sanz (Spain)

Venue: Association Gallery, Komenskega 8, Ljubljana.
Date: 15th October 2013 to 22snd October 2013.
Private view: 15th October 2013 at 18pm.

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