Carlos Suarez Sanchez “Transit Mundi”

| 18 agosto, 2013

Carlos Suarez Sanchez “Transit Mundi” – Luscinia Discos review in ” Wonderful Wooden Reasons” (8 July 2013)

Now here’s an interesting piece of dark and desolate ambience.

Suarez is a Spanish composer with an impressive pedigree that I have singularly managed to miss. If this album is evidence of what has gone before then that’s a shame.

The music on ‘Transit Mundi’ is a cascading torrent of abrasive and elemental noise. It’s by turns pithy and vehement and also unassuming and introspective. I’m much more interested in noise music when, like this, it’s produced with thought and an accuracy of touch rather than just with a distortion pedal fuelled by piss and vinegar. As such I enjoyed this very much. It conjures up all manner of disconcerting atmospheres and makes for an entertaining journey. Ian Holloway

Categoría: España, Grabaciones, Portada Breves

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